Jam Series : Mar / Summer 2015 / by SAEHEE CHO

The second in our Summer Market Jam Series, Mar Jam is made with Yellow Peaches and Saffron. It's specifically the smell of this jam that makes me think of Mar---warm, sweet, distinctively aromatic.   Mar is all of these things.  I love the color too, the deep amber and the red saffron threads.  

Read below for a chat with Mar Peidro on her career inspiration, french fries, and "very dark chocolate".

Mar Jam is available through August and available from our pantry retail.  


SOO N: Mar, you are a fashion-jack-of-all-trades! You are a stylist but you also are a writer and specialize in brand strategy.  How did you get into your field and why did you choose fashion?


Mar: I got interested in fashion through Sex & the City...I know, what a cliché! Both my mom and my friend Anna, who was the most culturally advanced friend I had as a teenager, told me how much I reminded them of Carrie Bradshaw... and so I started watching. It introduced me to Vogue, New York City and Manolo's. Then I started looking for other books and magazines, schools to attend to in New York, and people that could show me little bits of the industry. 


S: What is your perfect snack?


M: Snacking is my way of life. I snack on everything. I am constantly hungry so I eat continuously. I really enjoy French fries, they make the best snack, appetizer, side dish, and even entrée, at all times of the day and night. 


S : Do you have a favorite way you like to eat Mar Jam?


M :Directly from the jar, with a tiny bit of salted ghee.


S: What's in your refrigerator, right now?  


M: Very dark chocolate only.

photos by Stella Berkofsky

styled by Mar Peidro