Roast Potatoes For : Osso DTLA / by SAEHEE CHO

Osso DTLA has been in the downtown arts district for a little under a year. Their fare can best be described as “elevated southern with eclectic influences.” Perhaps the prime example of this would be Osso’s hugely popular dish “Fried Chicken & Bubbles,” which is their cooked-to-order southern fried chicken and a bottle of sparkling wine. Other popular dishes include their Hamachi Crudo, Duck Mortadella, and Smoked Yellowtail Toast.

SOO N Foods collaborates with Osso to develop seasonal jams that are specific to their popular and ever changing market menu. Our most recent Osso Jam is made with organic market peaches and fresh thyme to compliment the rich and savory profile of Osso’s Froie Gros Torchon.

We recently sat down with Osso’s head chef Nick Montgomery to discuss some of his influences. 

SOO N: What was the inspiration for your foie dish? Why jam? 

Nick Montgomery: Foie lends itself well to sweeter garnishes, especially fruits. I wanted to serve it with a condiment that would balance the richness with acidity and compliment it with sweetness. Jam is the perfect candidate. Also, this preparation is served with bread, so it's almost like a toast with butter and jam kind of vibe.

S: What’s your favorite kind of jam? Or spread? And why?

NM: I love blackberry jam. It was very common at my house growing up to enjoy blackberry jam on some fresh baked biscuits and that memory has stuck with me. I really enjoy the tartness and flavor of blackberries.

S: What’s your favorite dish at OSSO and why?

NM: Definitely the fried chicken. Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods and has been for a while. I particularly enjoy the way we do it at Osso. We cook it in a giant cast iron skillet and make it fresh to order every time. It's time consuming, inefficient, and uncommon to see this technique in a restaurant setting, but I truly feel like it creates a unique and superior product.

S: You’re new to LA, what’s your favorite place in LA so far? Or favorite thing?

NM: My favorite place to eat in LA is Rustic Canyon. I really enjoy the way they utilize local produce, meat, and fish in interesting ways. They just do it right, without pretense, that's what I like most about them.